Use of Material on Guqin Reflections

All of the information and data that I post on Guqin Reflections is free and available to anyone who is interested in the subject. This work is done completely on my own free time and totally self funded, with much material, such as spare string sets, and opportunities to test other qin, generously donated by other qin players. It is the culmination of many, many long hours of sorting, filtering, organizing, analyzing, and plotting data, along with many more hours of testing, improving strings, and further writing articles to continue to push forward our understanding of these various subjects, and as such, I would like to respectfully request that any original material, content, articles, pictures, data, and novel concepts and strings that I post and/or develop on this site be properly sourced and referenced if you are using it or referencing it in any way for your own purposes – in essence, please give credit to where it is due, as I always make as much of an effort as possible to the absolute best of my knowledge, within reason, to properly site all information that I borrow and reference from other sources. Although I have made the effort to make this information openly available to all, I do request this one stipulation be respectfully followed so that I may be able to continue to distribute information that may be of further use to relevant parties who may benefit from it. I am not actively pursuing monetary compensation for my work in any way, unless specifically working with others in collaboration where such compensation is agreed upon, and would request that the many hundreds of hours of work presented here on the site is properly credited if you are to use it. Remember, just because something is free to access does not also mean that it is free to take credit for if it is not your own original work!