Tobaya Silk Strings

Below are the microscopic photos for an older set of Tobaya silk strings I have had the opportunity to borrow and test. Unfortunately the set was missing string #2, but it still provided me with very valuable data nonetheless. From what I was told, these Tobaya strings are the version of their silk strings prior to adding the external wrapping to them of later sets. So these strings, unlike most of the silk strings I have tested, have no outer wrapping on the thicker string 1-4. That being said, testing them on my qin, I did not find this to be detrimental to the tone and playability of the strings – despite the common belief and practice that overwrapping is usually necessary on silk strings, these are an example of ones (in my own opinion) that work quite well as they are. They were also one of my more favorite sets to test. The strings were well played and worn in prior. If you want to see the harmonic analysis data for this set of strings, check out the Personal Qin w/ Tobaya Silk Strings harmonic analysis page!