O Real Silk Strings

Below are some unique silk strings for the qin made by U.S. based silk string maker Lawrence P. Kaster. Called O Real Silk, these strings can be purchased as a set, or individually, which is very convenient if one would like to try a few before investing in a whole set, or replacing broken ones without having to invest in an entirely new set. I have not had the chance to buy a whole set yet, but I will add more information on the strings as I go. So far though, with the string that I have purchased, I quite like it. The feel is very different from the Chinese and Japanese brand silk strings I have tried so far, and the feel and tone is very nice, having a uniquely smooth and supple feel. If you want to see the harmonic analysis data for this set of strings, check out the Personal Qin w/ O Real Silk Strings harmonic analysis page!