Personal Qin Datasets

This page hosts all of the various string tests that I have performed on my own personal qin. These tests includes a wide variety of commercially available string sets, in various materials and styles, such as silk, composite, and metal nylon. Each link will bring you to a separate page that hosts all of the data for that particular string set. The string sets that I have been able to test on my qin have been sets that were very generously loaned to me for the use of this study, and is currently the only economically feasible way to test a wide range of commercial string sets on my qin for data collection. There is a separate dedicated page, titled Experimental Strings, that lists all of the iterations and data for the various experimental strings that I have made and tested. Both of these pages will be continuously updated with new data and content as I gather, organize, and upload it.


Silk String Sets

Jin Lu Silk Strings

Marusan Hashimoto Silk Strings

Marusan Hashimoto Silk Strings – Low Tuning (G1)

Taigu Silk Strings

Taigu (6-7 Years Old) Silk Strings

Tobaya Silk Strings

O Real Silk Strings


Composite String Sets

Longren Binxian String Set 1

Longren Binxian String Set 2


Metal Nylon (M-N) String Sets

Yuesheng M-N Strings